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Pagan Practice of the Blind and Visually Impaired's Journal
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Below are the 4 most recent journal entries recorded in Pagan Practice of the Blind and Visually Impaired's LiveJournal:

Friday, May 26th, 2006
3:11 pm
Help me please?
Ok yall,

I usually don't post here because I'm in a place where I really can't do much in the way of overt things, but I seriously need help.

My room is my space. I know I have unconsciously put up shields and stuff, and for myself, someone has given me a sandscript chant I can do to help protect
from negative stuff.

Here's my problem. Whenever my mom comes in, I can feel her. Not just feeel her, I mean really "feel" her and it hurts.Actually physically seriously hurts.
It's almost like interference or something, it's hard to explain. It's like I'm a higher vibration than she is, and every time she comes in here, or she
bends close to me it starts to give me a headache. Headaches tend to make me bitchy. So how can I stop her from giving me headaches? How can I keep this
physical pain from happening? I'm starting to not want her in my room because of it, and I need her to be in here this weekend so we can go through some
of my clothes, but inside of five minutes it will feel like someone's squeezing my head in half. I can't stand it and every time she leaves, I literally
have to scrub my hnands over my face and shake like a dog. It's becoming very very annoying.

Thank you so much.
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the Phoenix
Thursday, January 26th, 2006
1:12 am
My turne for questions...
First off, for those who don't know. I am completely totally physically sightless.

I have just purchased some wands because I had a hard time choosing only one from the three who decided to make me their owner...
I am in a college dorm that unfortunately, like most, doesn't alow burning of candles and things.
1. Are there any protection rituals that I can do that don't require candles? If so, can someone point me to where I can find them? If they require symbols, is it possible to replace them with something that *I* can do?
2. I have started a book of shadows to some extent, but I don't have the finances to buy a flash drive at the moment, and since I'm a Braille user, it will become heavy rather quickly. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would use the computer, however, I would lack the portability, even with a laptop.
3. Someone mentioned a section for deities...explain, please?
and last but not least...
4. Could someone please assist me in finding books in etext or audio format? I used to have a few, but when my computer crapped out on me once, I lost them.

Help, please?

The Phoenix
Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005
4:24 pm
Merry Meet thepheenixeyri
I hope you enjoy your stay in this community and feel free to refer as many people as you like so we can keep it alive!
Monday, February 28th, 2005
12:52 pm
Introductory Survey
1. What path do you follow?

Just an Eclectic Pagan

2. Do you have another name (apart from your birthname/forumname) that you use for 'divine' purposes (just a yes or no will do)?

Yes, Niniene Sea-Mist

3. What is your favorite method of divination?

Automatic writing

4. Which God(dess) fascinates you the most?

I don't put polarity on my beliefs, but I am very fascinated by the One Universal Energy and how it works

5. What is your favorite tool?

A staff

6. If you had absolute power, what would you do with it?

Any time some ignorant person disrespected another, I'd make them have the other's circumstances for a month. You know, like "You retard! *zap* uh... duh... ngngngngbeebeblllelelel... *zap* wow, dude, I'm so sorry I said that, I know how much pain and stuff you go through!"

7. What is your most divine experience?

The time I was swimming in a lake and I went to get up out of the water and it kept pulling me back in with its current like it didn't want me to leave.

8. What is your most scary (topic related) experience?

The time I meditated and must've gone lucidly out of body because I was still aware of my bodily surroundings, but I was numb and tingling pins and needles all over and I had to lean forward to break out of it and get back in my body at least, then it was incredibly hard just to try and lay down and stop sweating.

9. What is your favorite pagan holiday? Why?

I can't say as I've just started alligning with the Wheel of the Year and haven't really celebrated any Sabbats joyously and dedicated myself enough.

10. What is your favorite (related) symbol?

Anything moon-related. The triple-goddess is pretty, but the regular crescent moon is just fine as well.

11. Is there a (related) website you'd like to share?


12. How do you see yourself in about 10 years?

More attuned to my spirituality, more organised and more dedicated to the path.

13. Did you ever summon someone/something? Who/what?

I've communicated with things that have presented names to me, but because the universe is so vast, it could be anything. I read somewhere about someone using a ouija board once and thinking they came in contact with Queen Elizabeth, but it could've been some other force disguised as Queen Elizabeth.

14. Have you ever used magic for personal gain?

I meditated on the thought of a friend I happened to like a little and he became my second boyfriend, but I was very cautious at the same time. I would hate to overdo or overuse anything.

15. What are your views on the fae people?

I believe in all kinds of beings, but I have yet to see any or track any actions of any. I don't know if it was a trick of light, but i have seen little sparks of light dance in front of my eyes at times before.

16. What is your totem animal (if you have one)?

The falcon. I'm not much of a hunter in my own personality, and I don't see myself as predatory, so it's hard to materialistically identify, but I once read on a shamanic site that falcons see light after all darkness and I am that way. When a pressing situation comes, more often than not, I'm optimistic.

17. What kind of natural environment do you prefer (sea, dunes, meadow, forest, mountain, etc. etc.)?

I like anywhere with water.

18. If pagans had one Holy Book (like the bible), what would you want to include?

I would like to add my thoughts to the pages about those who share my belief in One Universal Energy as opposed to deities.

19. Skyclad or clothed?

Whatever works, but most times I'm clothed since I'm a solitary practitioner who lives with parents.

20. What has been your biggest lesson learned?

Not to jump into things all at once. Study little bits over time and listen to the call of the force to pick the times to study and act more. I think in today's busy world, we're all seeking the quick solution and I've learned that this path has none. You have to adapt it to fit your life like sewing your own garment to cover your own body.

21. How long have you been a pagan?

Well... I think since I was... around four or five. I knew there was something real beyond all those faerietales and stories, and "saw the light" when I was about eight, but I was very spiritually apathetic until only a few years ago when I started studying the path.

22. What religion if any were you raised with?

Pretty centered and open people, although still carrying their Christian beliefs of God and Satan and good and evil.

23. How did you discover paganism?

There were a lot of witchy movies popular in the end of the 90's (The Craft, Practical Magic, etc.) and it seemed everyone was getting in circles and communicating with spirits and doing what Hollywood showed them. I had a good friend who was smart enough to read and study those things and she got me started on the research.

24. What is your favourite book on paganism?

I haven't read any yet, but I got one of my divine names from The Mists of Avalon.

25. Ever been to a pagan festival? share your festival story.

Not yet.

26. Pagan music reviews! let's have 'em!

Loreena McKennitt and Enya are awesome for the "stereotypical" music, but Blind Guardian, my favorite band... I'd say they're following the path, though it's never been officially asked.

27. Do you prefer solitary practice or group ritual?

I haven't been drawn to any groups, so I've always been a solitary practitioner, but I wouldn't mind ritualizing with a few open-minded people.

28. How have you dealt with closed-minded people? For example, my parents think Wicca and anything related (even some aspects of Paganism in general) are all mystical bullshit and magic is only sleight-of-hand card trick pulling the rabbit out of the hat crap.

I've been creative around them. Instead of having pentacles and other "evil" symbols, I collect a lot of suns, moons, stars, and natural things, and they say I have good taste for it. I also choose words carefully. I'm not turning my dresser into an altar, I'm decorating my room. I found a walking stick, not a staff.
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